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Logan Spittle

MEng Mechanical Engineering

University of South Wales

The T J Jones Scholarship Fund has made a tremendously positive impact on my life as a student. The funding has allowed me to achieve significantly more than I would have had I not been the recipient of such funding. It allowed me to completely engage with my studies by taking away pressures that students would commonly experience during university, allowing me to purchase books on the reading lists and purchase vital software well beyond my original budget.


After a lecture given by the RAF Red Arrows Display Team at the University of South Wales.

Fourth year group project: a remote-controlled aircraft

The scholarship funding also allowed me to engage in extra-curricular activities such as Formula Student - a competition to produce a prototype single-seat race car and present it as if to a manufacturing firm. Being a team member in the universities Formula Student team has provided an insight in to what it is like to work on a real engineering project and overcome associated challenges.

Students were able to examine racing vehicles from a number of motorsports during a visit to Silverstone.

An early concept design of the University of South Wales Formula Student vehicle.

(The cover image above is a detail taken during the construction of the vehicle)

Ultimately, the T J Jones Scholarship facilitated my earning a First Class Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, for which I will be eternally thankful.

Logan and family at his graduation ceremony, July 2018

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