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Amber Davies

BSc Product Design 

Cardiff Metropolitan University

The T J Jones scholarship fund has helped me tremendously during my first year of study at Cardiff Metropolitan University. My Product Design degree is largely practical and is heavily reliant on equipment and materials. These are mostly all self-funded, so the T J Jones scholarship fund has enabled me to purchase the required materials to complete my first year projects to a high standard and achieve a high final grade at the end of the year as well as being awarded top student of my class. I have studied and partaken in multiple projects over the year from camping, to speakers, to food packaging. I have also been involved in some on-going extra-curricular projects over the year and again, the fund has helped enabled me travel and be a part of these which has been great experience to go alongside my degree and has opened many opportunities in terms of experience for the future world of work.  


Due to the fact that I suffer with Ulcerative Colitis and, as a result of this, have a permanent stoma bag, this meant it was essential that I had my own en suite while living at halls of residence during my first year of university. Having the help of the T J Jones scholarship meant that I was easier able to afford these extra costs of having an en suite facility meaning that I had access to my own toilet and shower whenever needed, something that I wouldn’t have been able to cope without. The T J Jones scholarship fund has had an extremely positive impact on my life this year as a student and I’m extremely grateful to have been awarded the grant. The award has supported me throughout my first year at university and through these opportunities, has helped me conclude the field of work I'd like to be in when I complete my degree - this field being medical design. I look forward to building on my knowledge in the field of Product Design and continuing my studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University. 


A more detailed account and photos of the projects I’ve undertaken over the past year can be found on my uni blog at

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