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Joe Glenn 

BEng General Engineering

Warwick University

During my first year at Warwick, I have been studying a mix of modules including:

  • Dynamics and Thermodynamics

  • Electrical and Electronic Circuits

  • Engineering Design

  • Business Management

  • Systems Modelling


Alongside these taught lessons, I have also been involved in lab work and three group projects, which have really helped me, develop key skills around team working and public speaking.  These included:

  1. programming a heartbeat sensor looking in detail at the ECG signal,

  2. building and launching a programmed rocket with a parachute mechanism

  3. taking part in the scrap heap challenge, in which we had to choose some scrap metal components to build and send a LEGO figure as far as possible.   


I have learned a lot over the past year, which breaks down into three categories: theory, practical and software skills. For example, I have studied the theory of circuits, learnt how to solder and also dismantle and put back together various products like pumps and engines. In terms of software, I have used CAD such as Fusion 360 to design and animate precise prototypes.  Finally, I feel that I have built relationships with other students to complete coursework to deadlines given.


One of the key highlights of the year for me, was working in the lab where I had to take apart and then put back together a 50cc cylinder engine. By taking it apart, I could see how all the different mechanical parts worked and fitted together. 

Our water bottle rocket with accelerometer and parachute mechanism experiment 

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